Consistency Really Is Key

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I have been running every other day (give or take a few) for about 4 weeks now and I have to be honest I was feeling quite deflated about it all.

Not the getting out and running part – I still love that. But the feeling of still struggling and not feeling like I was getting fitter or faster.

But I didn’t give up or in to that feeling and I am still going out, and I am so glad I didn’t let my head get in my own way and stop me. Yesterday when the boys were walking the dog I set out to run a fast 20 minutes and see how far I got.

So the park we run around it very hilly in parts and is quite up and down so its not the easiest route. When I set of my legs felt a bit tight but I let them warm up and the first section was down hill so probs ran faster than I would normally. I found it a tough run but felt like I was running faster and better – if that makes sense, like my form was sorting itself out. In my head I looked like an actual runner (deffo didn’t to anyone who saw me!!) So when the first 1km alarm went off on my phone I saw that I had run it in 5 minutes flat!! Then the second was just over 5 minutes and then as I approached the 3km point I saw the boys and decided to stop the run there.

So it wasn’t quite the 20 minutes I had set out to do, but I had run 3km in just over 15 minutes!!! This is actually the fastest I have run in such a long time!

This is just the boost I needed to help me keep going with this little speed up attempt and I am really excited to get back to the sprint / jog sessions to build even more on that 3km yesterday!

Just a gentle reminder to keep going with your goals, even if you aren’t seeing the results you want to straight away or even within a timeframe you think you should be. Be consistent and show up regularly and you will achieve what you have set out to! You got this!!

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