30 Day Challenge – Week 1

Week one started really well, I had planned food for the week and planned out the hits sessions for each day. Even though the meals look pretty small and the workouts look really hard, I was really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

The main aim behind the protein well challenge was to decrease intake of food and increase calorie expenditure by working out – This I can understand however I’m not a big fan of cutting down on food.

With my long work day I’m used to planning out food to the last ingredient. So planning my food for this week was quite exciting. The protein world website and a great range of different recipes for me to try. 

The one thing I really wasn’t too sure about with this challenge, was the tablets I was supposed to take. The first tablet was a fat metaboliser tablet and the second one was a hunger buster. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to taking tablets so was a little upset at the size of these ones and not 100% confident in taking tablets to make me less hungry or to help me lose fat. I am supposed to take the tablets three times a day just before food.

So, Monday come around and the food was great feeling pretty happy I decided to take on the first hit session. I didn’t anticipate just how hard this would be. I hate to admit it but only managed to complete half of the reps. In my head half was better than I right?

Tuesday, I woke up feeling a little sore from the workout but really determined to face the day and snatch the challenge. Again there is a planned out to that part was easy the only difficulty I had was taking the tablets. Again I up for the work out and managed complete the full set.

The rest of the week follow in a pretty similar fashion, really enjoying the food and really give it a good shot at the workouts. The weekends are where I really find it difficult to stick to a plan. I’m always pretty busy at weekends either working events, going home to see the family, or generally just meeting up with people that I haven’t seen in awhile.

Again throughout the whole week I was pretty rubbish at taking the tablets, I would always forget that I needed to take them before I’d eaten and then I remember after and then thought there was no point taking them!

All in all week one done really well, the food was lovely the workouts are hard but fun and I feel pretty happy.


** These products were gifted to me by Protein World, but the opinions and pictures are my own. 

My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

A few days ago in the office the topic of morning routines came up. I’m not sure how we got onto the conversation but it was a pretty funny one. A few of the people in the office said they like to get up get out the house as quickly as possible and then one of the said that they like to take the time to have a least an hour and a half before they get out the house.

So if you are coming station as though it would be pretty cool to write a blog about what my mid-morning routine is!


My alarm will go off, I’ll get up so Jasper and Gary out. The next thing I’ll do is put my yoga mat on the floor and find the flow that I’d like to do. Typically these will be kept messing as I have a slight obsession with her.


Want to finish yoga I’ll head to the shower and depending on whether my hair needs it I will wash it or not.


When some dried and dressed the final thing to sort is my bag for work. I will always have my food ready for the day so my breakfast and lunch is already packed up. I hate my actual breakfast at work to at this point I will have either apple or a banana to keep me going until I get there. The only thing left to do is make my hot drinks for the journey and pack some snacks.


This is in a jump in the car and get ready to make my journey to work. First thing I’ll do is plug in my tom-tom much to charge. This is the perfect opportunity to do it as I’m not going to move too much in the car therefore won’t miss any steps. Depending on my mood depends on what I’ll do in the car sometimes I just wanna listen to the radio at the time to listen to a podcast and the other times I will listen to an audiobook.


Depending on traffic it normally takes me an hour and 10 to an hour and 15 minutes to get to work. Once I get there I will set my laptop up go grab a spoon and took into my overnight oats. I’ve been trying hard to cut down on caffeine so will probably go make myself a hot peppermint tea. 

And there we have it that is my morning routine. Not very exciting I don’t really do them in the morning I like to get everything prepared in the evening to make it as easy as possible to get up and go to work. I love to hear what you do in the morning are you get yourself ready for your day.

Protein World – 30 day challenge

Im pretty sure everyone has heard of Chloe Kardashian and everyone has seen her transform herself. She has teamed up with Protein World to create a 30 day challenge to help women do the same! 

The 30 day challenge is simply a healthy eating and fitness plan for 30 days which gets you moving more, eating less food and increasing your intake of protein. it couldn’t be simpler! You can buy the plan a month at a time or subscribe to get a discount – The 30 days is currently Β£72. 

The pack includes:

  • Slender Blend Protein powder – I chose strawberry flavour
  • Slender Porridge oats with flax seeds and chia seeds
  • Hunger buster tablets
  • Fat metaboliser capsules 
  • Protein shaker
  • Full workout and meal plan

The plan sets out a different HITT session each day, with one days rest and a few really tasty meal ideas for you to try out. 

I will be taking part in the 30 day challenge as best as I can and will be recording the results and letting you know how I find it all.

**These products were gifted to me by Protein World, but the options and comments are my own.

Dairy alternative

Dairy Alternative

When it comes to dairy products, I am actually a little fussy. I don’t like many cheeses – just a taste thing and Im not a big fan of cream. So when St Helens got in touch I was really excited to try out some alternative dairy products.

St Helens is a small farm that was founded in 1986, when they discovered that goats milk was a perfect alternative for people who cannot tolerate cows milk. The farm began by milking 500 goats and soon started supplying customers such as Waitrose and Hillards with, initially, a blend of sheep and goats’ milk yogurts. They now produce a range of milks, yogurts, cheeses, cream and ice cream. 

The lovely people there sent me a hamper full of their goats milk products to try. They sent me:

  • Whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed cartons of fresh goats milk
  • Natural and fat free yogurts
  • Flavoured yogurts
  • Goats butter
  • Mild goats cheese
  • Mature goats cheese
  • Spreadable goats cheese
  • A really cute TY beanie baby goat teddy
  • Two chine Goatee mugs

It was an amazing hamper and I really can’t wait to try it all. Watch this space as I will be writing up all the recipes I try with the products. 

Food Prepping like a pro!

When it comes to food, I am a massive looser. I think about my breakfast the night before, what I am going to have for lunch whilst I am eating my breakfast and then before lunch I am planning my tea! It is pretty much always on my mind!!!

I do find, if I plan my meals and snacks I am able to stay healthy and stick to healthy eating. I also love a big cooking session on a Sunday to make sure I don’t get swayed into a visit to the vending machine at work.

So I thought I would share with you my top tips for the perfect food prep to stick to your plan:

Plan it all

It might sound a little OSD, but trust me if you plan your breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks for every day – it makes it so much easier. I find that when I get in from work I am starving and could eat everything in sight, but if I know what Is on the menu I can focus on what I am cooking and not what I can eat there and then! 

Only buy the plan

When you do your food shop, only buy the food that you need to make the meals you have planned out. If you don’t have any naughties in the house, then you can’t eat them! Not only will this help you stick to healthy eating but it will also save you money! 

Make your own snacks

You may think you have found yourself a healthy snack, but you will surprise yourself with how much sugar or fat is in the snacks labelled “healthy” or “low fat” or even “no added sugar”.

Get prepared

Get as much of your food ready as you can. Get your snacks ready on Sunday evening so you don’t have to try and get things ready during the week. If you have rice or grains on the menu, get them cooked and packed up and in the fridge ready so meals are cooked quicker in the evenings. 

Make too much

When you are cooking your tea, make sure you cook enough for two instead of one, or four instead of two. This way you have already got your lunch ready for the next day. For this you need to make sure have plenty of Tupperware to store it away in the fridge and take it to work or school. I love my Joseph Joseph storage boxes for this – they have clever little dials on so you can track the date of which you made the food or when you need to eat it by.

**These storage boxes were gifted to me by Joseph Joseph, but the options and comments are my own.