Autumn Goals

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Two things that tell me it is now officially autumn, it has been my birthday (8th October if you wanted to add it to your diary!) and it is bloody freezing!!! 

I am actually sat here with a blanket around me and a cup of tea next to me because it is that cold!! 

Anywho, I have decided to set some goals for autumn, here they are:

  • Run – I have stopped running and I really couldn’t tell you why. I feel really annoyed at this, I love running and have based this who blog on the subject. So goal one is to get running again! even if this is just a trip to the gym to run it out on the treadmill. I am not setting a number of runs a week because I seem to struggle to keep to that so this goal is just to run when I can. 
  • Be less tried – I have been soo tired recently and following a blood test have been told I am iron deficient. I am really rubbish at taking my iron tablets so this goal is partly to take the three tablets every day and to do everything in my power to help not be so sleepy. 
  • Film more – I really would like to start publishing videos, I do film a fair bit but get too nervous about posting them. So I am going to start filming more and just posting them. 
  • Finish projects – I am really quite bad at finishing something I have started. I get a bit distracted and start doing something else or just forget! I am currently working on a really exciting project and I really want to keep focused on it and get it live and a success! 

What are your goals for Autumn, I would love to hear them 


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