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As much as I try my hardest to stay hydrated and drink enough water I often really fancy a fizzy drink or a naughty sugary one.

Im not sure if you know it, but sugar in drinks is a big issue and earlier this month, the BSDA revealed an 8% reduction in sugar intake from soft drinks (British Soft Drinks Association Press Release (09.09.16). Data from National Diet and Nutrition Survey by Public Health England) which is great news, but still not brilliant. 


The lovely people at Aspire got in touch and asked me to Re-think my drink! They have created three different flavours of zero sugar, zero calorie with zero compromise on flavour. They have created a healthy version of a slightly fizzy sugary drink.


The drinks come in three different flavours; Cranberry, Apple + Acai and new Mango Lemonade and come in a really cool skinny can. I think my favourite was the cranberry. They all had a nice taste to them but i’m still not sure I would pick them over a can of pepsi max.

However, these new drink feature a whole loads of ingredients that are really good for you and help to naturally stimulate the metabolism, help reduce body fat and lower LDL cholesterol levels (these are the bad cholesterols!!) Active ingredients include premium green tea extract (rich in EGCG) Ginger root extract and Guarani Seed Extract fortified with a blend of highly beneficial multivitamins including Vitamin C, B6 and B12.

So although I think they might not satisfy my sugary fizz craving every time, they did taste really good and they are good for you! What more could you want?

I did get the mango lemonade, but I had opened and drank that one before I got a chance to photograph it! 😂

You can buy these lovely little cans from a variety of places including Holland & Barrett and Tesco


**This product was gifted to me to try and review by Aspire, but the opinions and photos are my own

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