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Lets be honest, we all want better abs or even some abs in my case!! 

For the most part I eat well and I exercise a fair amount, but I know I could always do more to get the dream abs! I have seen the advert on tele where Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing the stick on machine creating his mega abs I have to admit I never really thought it would do anything, especially not make me have abs like him!

So when I was asked if I would like to test one out I was well up for it. It would make mind up if they would work or not and if they did, I would have crazy abs! Win Win in my head! 🙂 

Looking into these Flexpads I noticed they were not just for working on your abs game, but they can be used for sore muscles and building strength in areas which you might normally struggle. The pads use Electrical Muscle Stimulation which can enhance maximum strength, aid in muscle recovery, support rehabilitation, generates 30% greater maximum muscle contraction through involuntary activation. I have quite a few issues with my neck and shoulder so was really excited to try it out and see if it could help me at all. 

I received the combination pack which had the Flexabs and the Flexbody in. The Flexabs is the bigger batman 6 pack looking pad and has a small control panel on the from and two gel pads that help to conduct the electrical pulse and stick them onto your skin. The Flexbody is the smaller pad with just two pads either side of the control panel. 

Each one has an on and off button which works as the dial for the intensity, and a mode button which gives you the choice of which patterned you would like. They are both really simple to attach and use and really allow you to use them as you want, if you want to be doubled over in pain with it, you can! 🙂

The information you get with it and their website show people wearing them whilst doing exercise. Now not only do I think this isn’t a good idea as it would hurt a lot, my wouldn’t stick on full to be able to move a lot, I typically sit on the sofa for the 20 mins whilst it is doing its magic!

I have got into a really good routine of using it every morning but missed using it for the past week due to being away with work. I had started to see some progress with how my abs were looking and how much better my neck was feeling, so I am 100% going to get back into using it regularly and show you if there is any difference! 

**This product was gifted to me, but the photos and opinions are my own! 

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