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Pre pregnancy and during most of my pregnancy I ran every week. It wasn’t a marathon or at world record pace but I loved to run for me! 

When I found out about the Aaptiv virtual 5km event on the 27th October I got a bit excited! I don’t think I will be up and running by this point, I will only be 5 weeks postpartum!!! But it gives me a target to aim for! 

As the title of this post may explain you can take part in this event in your own way. All you need to do is complete a 5km on Saturday 27th October and log your miles with the Apptiv app! Simple as that!

I have no intentions of running the 5km but I am more than up for giving walking it a go! I have 3 weeks to get myself out and training to hit the distance! For me Aaptiv have a range of walking workouts I can follow! 

If you fancy running the 5km on the 27th, there is a 5km your way training program you can follow to get you ready. There are three different levels for you to choose from; beginner, intermediate and advanced so there is something for everyone! 

The beginner plan is 42 days long and includes a range of treadmill and outdoor running sessions and should have you running a 5km happily by the end of the plan. 

If you are interested in taking part, head to the registration form here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aaptivs-5k-your-way-tickets-49738627574 it is completely free! 

Don’t forget to share your journey using the #Aaptiv5KYourWay 

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