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So a few posts back I wrote about how I wanted to get quicker and how I was going to start to do some speed training. Well, I thought I would write a little update post and share how things are going.

I have ran pretty much every other day for about three weeks now and I am really enjoying it. I started to use a couch to 5km app to help me complete the run/walk sessions in the hopes of getting a bit faster. But it turns out all the apps I downloaded you have to pay for after 3 sessions!!

So being the cheap person I am, I did the three days and then have done them again!!! After two rounds of this I gave a 5km run a go to see how I felt and if I was super fast yet! Sadly, I found this run really hard….but it was REALLY windy, I was really hungry and I’m not sure of another excuse right now but I am sure there was one!!

Anyway, I ran the 5km and was pleased that I did it as it pushed me over the 30km monthly goal. I wasn’t all that happy with the time, but it was genuinely really windy!

I have this week started the three days again, but instead of walking inbetween the running I am now jogging!

Feeling pleased that I am still going out running and still trying to focus on the same goal! Lets hope this weeks sessions help me feel more comfortable on a 5km!

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