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So I would really like to set myself some goals with running, instead of just going out and plodding along – although I do enjoy doing that!

I can run a 5km on most days in just under 30 minutes and I think my fastest ever was about 23 minutes but this was way back before I ran the London marathon – which was about 6 years ago (I think). Obviously my body has changed massively since then so I am interested to see how quick I can do it now!

I wanted to run a 5km to test how quick I can do it now without any effort into getting faster and I went out after Ezra was in bed, but it got really dark and I am a massive wimp who is scared of the dark so I stopped at 4.6km so I was really close to it! Haha!

My plan in to do a test run to set my base time and then start to do intervals and speed runs to improve on that time. I need to do a bit more research and really set out my plan to speed up, but I am excited!

I need to remember that I am very limited on time when I can run on my own – in full daylight now!! So I will also factor in running with the pram which obvs slows me down!

Once I have done my test run I will write another post with the official time and the plan of action and keep a log of how it is all going!

Has anyone done this kind of thing before and if so how long do I give myself to get quicker?

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