5km Speed Training

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So I really wanted to work on getting my 5km time down and I am aware that I was never going to be a world breaker or even that fast, but as long as I can get it around 25 minutes I would be so happy!

After talking to a few people about how to get faster, I decided to start using the couch to 5km app. This app gets “non” runners running 5km in one go by doing run/walk sessions and slightly increase the time that you run for.

I can run 5km in one go at the moment, so am using the run portions as trying to push myself and run as fast as I can for that full minute.

I have done two sessions so far and they are only 30 minutes in total, but I have really enjoyed them and am going to do a long run at the weekend to see if I am any fitter and faster!

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