30 Day Challenge: Interrupted!!

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If you were following my 30 day writing challenge, you may have noticed that I got all the way to day 4 and then stopped!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Now although I 100% could have fit in writing, I got very distracted and my writing on this blog got interrupted with launching my brand new business!!

Yes that’s right! I am now an official small business owner!! I have started to sell my aromatherapy candles via the pouredbyfi.com website!

I have been working really hard on this project and it got to the point where things were ready to be pushed live, so my writing challenge took a little pause! But I promise, now things are live I have a little more time to complete the 30 days!!

To be fair I am pretty sure I said I would finish the 30 days, even if they weren’t 30 days in a row!!

So sorry for the interruption to the schedule but I am back!! (And will try my best to stick to it for the next 26 days!!)

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