Autumn Goals

Two things that tell me it is now officially autumn, it has been my birthday (8th October if you wanted to add it to your diary!) and it is bloody freezing!!! 

I am actually sat here with a blanket around me and a cup of tea next to me because it is that cold!! 

Anywho, I have decided to set some goals for autumn, here they are:

  • Run – I have stopped running and I really couldn’t tell you why. I feel really annoyed at this, I love running and have based this who blog on the subject. So goal one is to get running again! even if this is just a trip to the gym to run it out on the treadmill. I am not setting a number of runs a week because I seem to struggle to keep to that so this goal is just to run when I can. 
  • Be less tried – I have been soo tired recently and following a blood test have been told I am iron deficient. I am really rubbish at taking my iron tablets so this goal is partly to take the three tablets every day and to do everything in my power to help not be so sleepy. 
  • Film more – I really would like to start publishing videos, I do film a fair bit but get too nervous about posting them. So I am going to start filming more and just posting them. 
  • Finish projects – I am really quite bad at finishing something I have started. I get a bit distracted and start doing something else or just forget! I am currently working on a really exciting project and I really want to keep focused on it and get it live and a success! 

What are your goals for Autumn, I would love to hear them 


My New Yoga Mat!

New Yoga Mat

I know I haven’t mentioned it before, but it was my birthday the other weekend!! 🙂 

And because i am actually still 12 I got massively spoilt, as I do with every occasion. I still get pocket money!! ☺️ I was asked to create a list of gifts I would like. Top of that list was a magpie feather tattoo, which I am planning on getting as soon as I find someone who is really good to do it for me (suggestions welcome!).

The next thing I wanted to add to my list was a new yoga mat. I have been doing yoga everyday for a good few months now, and the one I have been using was getting so beat up. Jasper loved to claw at it and bite it, there are chunks missing and it was looking pretty grubby! 

I knew there was a lot of different mats out there, and the one I had seen lots and quite fancied was the one with all the lines on to help you align yourself properly. But after I did a quick Google search I saw that it was actually really expensive and I didn’t want to ask for anything that expensive. After a little more time looking at different mats I decided on the Manuka Life Linen Yoga Mat in Forest Green. 

I haven’t done a lot on it yet, as I have been feeling pretty crappy. But the couple of flows I have done on it have been great. The mat has enough grip on it to stop my hands slipping, it is thick enough to not hurt my hands and knees. Not only that but it is so pretty! 😍

Don’t Get Doms!


Have you ever had DOMS? 

If you haven’t, you are one lucky person! DOMS stands for Delayed onset muscle soreness, which in normal terms is when you legs feel like they have given up on you and it hurts to sit, stand, move and even lay down! It typically hits you the hardest 24 to 48 hours after you have worked out. 

So for example, I decided to do the kettle bell class at the gym. Which I didn’t realise would be as hard as it was! I really didn’t expect so many squats!!! Anyway after 45 minutes of squatting, lunging and swinging my legs were very shakey, but not feeling too bad. It wasn’t until two days later that I felt my legs were about to fall off!!! 

There are lots of ways to help get rid of DOMS including massage, ice, heat, taking in more protein, having a bath with epsom salt in and even resting. 

Another great way to help keep your legs feeling normal after leg day is by getting yourself a pair of Skins leggings. Skins have created sporting clothes that have been found to:


  • increases venous return
  • reduces exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD)
  • accelerates recovery processes
  • removes lactic acid faster
  • increases strength and power
  • improves endurance
  • increases muscle oxygenation
  • improves body temperature control
  • reduces in-flight ankle oedema

Not only do they help keep you moving even after a really tough workout but they fit so well and they look gorgeous! Mt current favourites are the DNAmic women’s compression long tights


Guest Post: Biggest Mistake people make when buying running shoes

Biggest Mistake people make when buying running shoes

According to National Runners Survey, injury prevention, cushion, and motion control are some of the biggest concerns when people shop for running shoes. Arch support is often considered a quick fix for issues like pronation, plantar fasciitis, lower limb injuries, or pain.

It’s a common practice to recommend motion control for people with flat feet. Cushioned shoes are recommended for people with high arches. Moderate pronators can go for stability shoes.

We wanted to see if there’s scientific evidence for all this or not. It turned out that most of these recommendations are nothing but hearsay.

We carried out a meta analysis of 150+ studies about arch support. Our results suggest that choosing the right shoe requires a lot more than wet test. It wouldn’t be a stretch if we say that people are doing it all wrong when choosing running shoes.

Want to know the biggest mistakes people make? Here we go:  

Shoes cannot prevent injuries:

Researchers provide marine corps trainers with cushioned, motion control, and stability shoes according to their arch types. Hardly any difference was observed in the overall injury rate after 12 weeks of training. Another study found that basketball shoes could not make a difference to injury risk when compared with infantry boots.

There are studies that observed a small drop in lower limb injuries. However, the overall injury rate was the same in these cases. It means that cushion or motion control shoes might prevent injuries or pain in the foot region but the drastic change in posture or gait leads to injuries in other parts.

If you want to reduce the chance of getting injured, you need to work on physical strength, flexibility, and stamina. Don’t look for an easy solution in shoes.

Shoes cannot make you a better runner:

Do you think that an expensive pair of shoes can make you a better, more efficient runner?

Truth is, running shoes will make little or no difference to your performance. Even worse, the cushion or arch support can interfere with the natural ability of arches to save some energy.

Look at how arch stores and reuses the energy as it compresses and recoils.
It means that you will waste more energy.

Studies have found barefoot runners with better economy than the ones wearing advanced shoes.

There are no shortcuts to improved performance. Using shoes with fancy stuff like carbon plates might shave some minutes but you don’t need any of that unless you are a competitive runner.

The goal is to improve your stamina and overall fitness. So, the only thing you want from your shoes is to compliment your natural stride.

Cushion is overrated:

You need shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects or surface but you don’t need a thick and soft sole to minimize impact.

Studies have shown that running does not put more stress on your feet or knees than walking. You don’t need any extra cushion. In fact, the impact is greater when you are using a thick sole because you hit the ground harder.

Another drawback of excessive cushion is that you are more likely to land on rearfoot, which is not the most efficient way of absorbing shock. You have got to land on frontfoot. It is clear that excessive cushion will result in more stress on your feet or knees, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.   

Pronation is not necessarily a bad thing:

Excessive pronation or no pronation can lead to injuries but moderate pronation is not something you should be worried about. In fact, some degree of pronation is needed for supporting the body weight. You don’t need a specific type of shoe because the salesperson thinks you pronate more than the average.

There is no average that you need to maintain and pronation is found to be the minimum in barefoot runners.    


If you have recurring injuries or pain, you can benefit from the use of some arch support. However, the advice must come from a qualified physician after a careful analysis. They will look into a lot of things like heel deviation, gait analysis, and tibia rotation before recommending anything.

We also invited podiatrists and orthopedic doctors to share their thoughts. This quote by Dr Matthew Klein sums it up perfectly.

If you are still giving people arch support based on their arch shape, you should go back to the 1980s.

Relaxing on Holiday

I love the world of Instagram these days, it allows you to get a glimpse of other peoples lives, what they eat, what they wear and how the relax completely on holiday. I have to admit, It does make me a bit jealous! Although I love going on holiday and taking a break from my normal life, I don’t think I ever fully switch off when I get away.

According to Hayes and Jarvis there are four pillars of holiday relaxation that you need to conquer to get the most out of your holiday! 

These pillars are:





I am going to New York in December and whilst I know this isn’t going to be a relaxing holiday as I want to go everywhere and explore, but I think it is still going to be important to switch off and enjoy my trip. According to their research only 16% of women and 21% of men totally switch off and don’t check any emails or social media whilst on holiday, and I think i might be in that group. 

Do you ever struggle to fully switch off?