Week 39 Pregnancy Exercises

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So on today, we hit 39 weeks in my pregnancy which means baby can technically arrive any day now. The likelihood is that we still have about 2-3 weeks before they get here but I am trying to stay optimistic yet realistic.

As we get closer to due date I don’t want to stop exercising but I am going to continue listening to my body and stick to the more gentle exercises like walking, yoga, and swimming. 

I am now off work so have a lot more time to fit in these sessions, so I am going to do a minimum of 30 minutes a day! Not only does this get me off the sofa, it also makes the exercises manageable and not too much work for my big belly! 

So far this week I have managed to go for a walk every day for at least 30 minutes. I have even taken my camera out with me and managed to get a few nice pictures! 

Other exercises that are safe for me to complete are:


Yoga is a great form of exercise at this point in pregnancy, as long as you adapt certain moves to accomodate bump and listen to your body, it can be used to help keep you calm and relaxed which is great for helping bring on natural labour, it can also help get your body ready for what is about to happen. 

I have been practicing yoga throught my pregnancy so am more than happy to continue this late on as long as my body doesn’t tell me to stop. I am definitly finding certain moves harder now that I have a big belly in the way! I have always been rubbish at forward folds so there is no change there! 🙂 


Swimming is another great form of exercise at this point in pregnancy. It is very gentle on your body and it also helps you feel weightless! Which trust me when you are carrying around a big belly is a lovely feeling! 

Again I have been swimming a lot pre pregnancy and during so as long as bump is happy I am happy to carry on. 


*Please make sure that you have spoken to your doctors before you start any exercise that you have not been practising throughout your pregnancy. Your body and baby are the most important thing here! 

Did you carry on exercising right up until your due date? If so what did you do? 

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