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So I have had this domain ( – just in case you were unsure!) for quite some time now. And when I get into it, I love writing on it, but I do sometimes feel like what I am writing is utter rubbish that no one is going to care about. Which to be fair is most likely to be true.

But in all seriousness, I love food and fitness and my little family unit, but does any of what I write about actually add any value to people’s lives?

My domain is due for renewal next month and after an email reminder it got me thinking. Should I keep my blog??

So as any female in my family would do, I have written two lists, one with reasons to keep it and one with reasons to bin it:

Keep It List

  • I love writing and could use this space better
  • I have had it many years now
  • My main Instagram handle is Runninglife01 and would be weird to be called that without my blog
  • I occasionally get free things to write about! (Don’t worry I always put *gifted)
  • I have put a fair amount of effort into how it looks
  • I am a massive geek and love the SEO / web / analytics side of things and would love to build it up to get more readers
  • I always put write more blogs as a monthly goal or New Years resolution so I obviously want to do it more!

Bin It List

  • I’m poor and it costs to keep it
  • I am rubbish at writing decent content regularly and I always spell things wrong
  • People don’t really visit it (love that I am writing this post still!! 🤦🏼‍♀️)

So all in all I think what needs is a little boost in my efforts and possibly a change of topic. Obviously I will continue to talk about yoga, running and post photos of my food – I am still me!!! But, I am going to start writing/talking about other things that are happening in my life or in the news and just add my opinion into the mix!

I guess we will see what happens! 🤞🏻

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