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I am so close to finishing my nutrition course, I think I only have one more module to complete!

The latest module of my exam was childhood nutrition and obesity prevention, and it might sounds a bit weird but this is a huge interest of mine. I did both of my dissertations on it and would really love to get into that area of work. I think it is so important to help children and parents understand the importance of food and having a good relationship with it from the start.

So anywho, the module was really interesting and I learnt loads about it, did you know that it could take a child 15 times to try a food before they decide that they like it?

The assessment for this module was an exam which I had three chances at passing. Its weird because I really enjoyed the module but I found it really difficult to pass the exam. I did manage to pass it on my third attempt (I did only not pass my one mark the first two attempts!!)

It really showed me that I am much better at coursework than exams, lets hope the next module is coursework based!



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