My Truth On Pregnancy Fitness (So Far)

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Obviously being a health and fitness blogger, staying active and fit during my pregnancy was something that would be a priority. 

However, that hasn’t really been the case. I ran the Winter Run 10km in February, so roughly around 9 weeks pregnant and continued yoga every day for the first 10 or so weeks. 

But as soon as I hit 11 weeks the morning sickness kicked in. I didn’t suffer from actually being sick but I would feel really queasy as soon as I woke up. Which really played havoc with my yoga practice as I couldn’t do a forward fold without feeling like I was going to be sick, also I really struggled with my balance! 

After the morning sickness passed I lost all my motivation. I would go for a short walk every day but that was about as much as I could be bothered to do. 

I have now hit my second trimester and have much more energy, no morning sickness, and a little more motivation. I am determined to stay active and will start to put together a baby bump-friendly workout plan. I am already showing pretty early and don’t want to put on more weight than is needed to keep baby healthy and happy! 

If anyone has any good programs or workouts they could recommend, please send them my way! 

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