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You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet on here this year and I must apologise for this, but I have some very exciting news which explains the MIA. 

Im pregnant!! 😍

As I write this post I am 15 weeks and a day! I have had a little internal battle as to whether to announce it on here and how much to talk about it as it kinda moves the blog away from health and fitness and more into mummy blogging. But I have decided just because I am pregnant, does not mean I am going to stop living a healthy life, eating right or exercising. 

We didn’t tell anyone that we are expecting a baby until we hit 12/13 weeks and after we had the scan to make things feel much more real! 

So as I said above, my blog might change a little and include a little bit more about my experience of being pregnant so far but I will continue to share my efforts for staying healthy, happy and in the best shape to grow and raise this baby! 

If anyone has any advice, tips or can share any good books, blogs, vlogs and guides that will help me learn more about what my body is going through, please let me know!! 

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