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Im not sure if this is just a me thing or maybe a female thing or maybe even a sporty type thing…But I am literally always looking for new kit. And trust me this can be just from new socks, to new trainers, to the full outfit! I think I might have a little problem. 

I love to buy patterned leggings and then stick to a plain top, that way I can mix and match until my heart is content (and looking at my kit draw this could be a pretty long time!!) 

One thing that really isn’t helping my problem is that you can buy really nice sports kit from so many places now! 

JD Williams is the perfect example of this! They have just moved into the sports and leisure market, and sell a range of products and brands including: Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Pineapple, Shock Absorber and loads more. 

With this order I stuck with my typical style of bold leggings and simple top and went with the spotty Nike full length leggings (8/10) and the Nike advance 15 cape (8/10) 

Although I ordered the smallest size available I think I could have done with smaller size, the leggings are very long on my little legs, but will be perfect for yoga and workouts that I do at home. The jacket is also a little on the big side, but I don’t think that is always a bad thing – Just helps me to get really snugly! 

**These items were gifted to me by JD Williams, but the options and comments are my own. 

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