Day 7: My 5 Favourite Songs

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OOoo this one is hard!! I love music and we have some form of it playing most of the day, wether it’s the record player in the living room, or Spotify on my phone in my pocket as we move around the house.

I would like to say my music style is pretty good, but I guess I will let you be the judge of that!! 🙂

1 – Any song by Ben Howard!! I have been a fan of Ben Howard for a long time! I have been to see him live three times now and I would 100% go again! I find his music really relaxing and it makes me smile, no matter what mood I am in.

2 – Lean On, Major Lazer. This has also been a big fave for a long time. I love the beat and it just makes me want to get up and dance. I have to turn it up as soon as I hear it!

3 – Mr Brightside, The Killers. I have loved The Killers for ages too, but Mr Brightside got a new wind of love when Ezra loved it!! As a baby he always used to dance to this song as soon as we put it on, and even now (he is still a baby technically, but it seems a long time ago he was an actual baby!!) he loves it and dances to it!

4 – Dust on the Ground, Bombay Bicycle Club. Again been a big fan for a long time, but this song was on my labour playlist! Great chill out song that makes me remember giving birth!

5 – Pacifier, Catfish and the Bottlemen. Not sure why, but just had a quick look through my spotify most played and this is in the list! To be fair I love anything by them!

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