Day 6: What Am I Afraid Of?

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In all honesty I am not afraid on that much! The biggie big thing that scares the shirt out of me death!

I know this might sound a bit weird but thinking about anyone I know or myself dying legit gives me a panic attack and I have to try really hard to get my mind into a different place!

I guess I am also afraid of failing! There is so much pressure in the world both from external places but from yourself!

I am a mum, and I want to be the best mum that I can be and I would hate to fail Ezra or even Dan for that point! As I mentioned previously I have launched my new Candle businesses (Poured By Fi – gotta get that plug in there!! 😂) and as much as I am so proud of myself for doing it I really don’t want to fail with it!

This also applies to my other business (another shameless plug… Bella Digital, when you have put a lot of effort into something you want it to be as successful as possible!

Other than that, I am not that afraid of much! I don’t think I would ever do a bungee jump but I would do a sky dive!

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