Day 11: My favourite childhood book

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This post might be a bit of a boring one…. but I really cant remember what my favourite book was as a child!

Reading was a big thing in our house, I think every bedroom had a book shelf full of books in it, and we would never go to bed without reading before we fell asleep.

But I cannot for the life of me think of my favourite!! I remember reading a lot of the Jacqueline Wilson books and really enjoying them, I can also remember reading the Narnia series a few times!

My sister was/is still obsessed with the Harry Potter books, and I might upset her a little when I say this, but I still haven’t read them all!! I am currently reading The Philosophers Stone to Ezra before he naps each day! I’m not sure if it is a sign that he is enjoying it or not, but he does seem to fall asleep very quickly with it!

I am a pretty rubbish book reader! I don’t think I have read many classics and I have really enjoyed the Dan Brown series!

Would love some recommendations that you think I would love! Big fan of true crime/crime kinda things!

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