Challenge 1: Explain My Blog Name

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I started this blog back in 2014, as I had signed up to run the London Marathon that year, I was also working in digital marketing and thought it was a really good way to learn new things about websites, SEO and social media. To be totally honest I also loved the idea of freebies being sent to me!!

So anyway, I thought if I was writing about my training it would help me to keep on track and accountable! After a bit of research I decided that I would like to write about all the elements of my life, not just the running. I also come up with an idea to run a mile everywhere I went and document it.

(Turns out I was far too lazy for that!!!)

A blog about running and life…… Running Life was born! I know its not the most creative or witty names, but I am really glad I went with it.

I think it has fitted what I write about even after all these years. Even now with a lot less physical running happening but a lot more metaphorical running of my life and all the adult things I am now running in my life!

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