Best fitness and beauty hacks for new mums

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Most of us new mummas don’t have time to think about exercising and skincare with a new baby to look after, but it’s so important to remember to look after ourselves too! After all, a happy mumma equals a happy baby, and that’s what we all want.

Once you’ve passed the 6-week post birth point and have had your postnatal check-up with your health professional, you can start to think about your fitness again. Slowly, slowly is the best way, and I’d like to share with you the results of my research. These fitness and beauty hacks will help any busy new mumma carve out some much-needed me time.

Multipurpose products

When your time is limited, you need your beauty products to double (or even triple) up. By using something like a tinted moisturiser with an SPF, you can combine three skincare and beauty steps into one – moisturising, sunscreen protection and foundation.

A little pot of petroleum jelly has lots of uses too. As well as using it to keep your lips soft, you can also apply it to dry noses and cracked heels too. Remember to only use it externally. If you’re wondering is petroleum jelly safe, petroleum jelly side effects are nothing to worry about – there are no known common side effects. So when it comes to the question is petroleum jelly safe, the answer is yes!

Strip it back

If you used to love your cosmetics and not leave home without a full face of makeup and perfectly manicured nails, chances are you’ll struggle to find the time to get back to your old routine. Instead of setting that unattainable goal and feeling disheartened when you can’t curl your hair before your baby wakes up from naptime, create a “new normal”.

Strip it back to your key areas. Decide whether you want to focus on eyes or lips, and then just slick on mascara or lipstick – you don’t need to worry about both. Forget about nail varnish. Embrace your natural hair, whether it’s wavy, curly or flyaway, and put away the styling tools. A quick dry is all you need. If you used to spend ages with tongs, try plaiting your hair before bed and wake up to instant waves.

Be realistic

Just like it’s important to set attainable goals when it comes to your beauty regime, it’s also helpful to be realistic with your fitness expectations. It takes a while to get back into the swing of things, and your doctor can guide you on where you’re at in terms of post birth recovery. Even just aiming to drink the recommended six to eight glasses of water per day will help your fitness, health and beauty.

Being realistic about where you exercise will also help take off the pressure. Getting out to a class involves a lot logistically, but fitting in a quick workout at home while your baby is sleeping is much more achievable. Take a look at my findings on best post pregnancy exercises to see how walking, yoga, Pilates, bodyweight exercises and swimming can all be positive starting points for getting back into a fitness routine.

Involve baby

Finally, if you find it tricky to have much time away from your baby, then involve him or her in your fitness regimes! You can put your baby in a wrap and go for a walk together. I like to do squats with Ezra in my arms.

Do you have any hacks to sharehow you make your beauty and fitness regimes work as a new mum? Let me know in the comments!

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