4 Things You Should Not Say To a Pregnant Lady!!

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I’m sure us pregnant ladies are a little more sensitive than most ladies but trust me when I say there are things you really shouldn’t say to us! I have had a pretty good time and not had too many comments that have bothered me but, I have heard lots from friends! 

Oh wow, you are huge!

Firstly, it doesn’t matter what size you are, you are growing a human in your tummy – Which is incredible. Also, would you dare say that to someone who wasn’t pregnant? Just go up to them and say “Hi, oh wow you have a big belly! ” Every pregnant lady carries their baby differently and will vary a lot in size, so maybe just focus on how good they look, not how “big” they are.

You can’t have long left..

Now, this is one I have had a lot! I also got this when I had about 6 weeks to go!! Not only did it make me feel massive, it highlighted just how impatient I am and how much I wanted to meet my baby but still had so long to go!! 

Oh that’s an odd name!

People like to ask about the names you have chosen for your baby, which might be a sore subject for some people anyway because they want to keep the name a surprise until the baby arrives.

But when they are told the name/names you have picked they give you an odd look and say “Oh, really” or “Isn’t that a boys name?” Please don’t judge the name the parents have chosen! It is their choice!! And if you have asked about the name, they parents have not asked for your opinion!

Still not had the baby then?

If I still have a big old pregnant belly and I haven’t shown you any photos of my baby then no, I have not had the baby yet!! It isn’t helpful when a lady is waiting to have her baby and people are questioning if you have had it yet, especially when the answer is no!! 


Have you had any comments made that wound you up that I should add to this list? 


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