Sock it to them

When I am excising I have a ton of leggings and loads of tops to wear, but the one thing I really struggle to get right it the socks! If they are a little too small or a little too big they kill my feet! 

So finding the right pair is really important to me! I know how much I am sounding like Goldie locks right now, but it is very true. No one enjoys getting blisters or having to stop during a run every few minutes to adjust your socks. I prefer sports socks that come just above my trainers for running and slightly higher for netball. 

When Bridgedale got in touch to see if I would be interested in testing out some of the new socks I was really excited, and of course I wanted to test them out! 

I received three different pairs and I think I fell in love with all of them! The first pair I tried out was the Na-kd Gym SocksThese are designed for gymgoers, they are ultra-light running socks and feature a SlingShot heel fit which means they don’t move around and don’t rub. I would probably say these are my favourites! 

The second pair I tried out were the Speed Diva Running and Cycling Socksthese ones are again really lightweight and highly breathable, my favourite thing about these socks is the cushioning on pressure points (ball of the foot, lace up area and Achilles) they are soooo comfy and really cushiony! (not sure if that is a word but I’m going with it!)

The third and final pair are the Bridgedale Trekker – These ones are Bridgedale’s bestselling mid-weight sock. It brings together Enduro Wool and technical fibres giving fast wicking moisture control and durability. They are a lot higher up the ankle than the other two, so I have worn these when walking. 

I think all three of these pairs of socks are amazing and would honestly wear these for all of my workouts! Now I just need to go and order them! Do you only wear one brand of socks?

**These socks were gifted to me by Bridgedale, but the options and comments are my own.

How do you plan to be more Rooster?

Right, well I know I am massively late posting this one, but I really enjoyed the idea of it so I thought I would write it and put it live anyway! 

So everyone knows about the tradition new year that happens on the 1st January, its that one occasion where people get together and probably over indulge a little too much (or in most cases a lot too much!) But the majority of people will go on to the new year with hope and aims and even some resolutions that they hope to stick to making the year their best one yet. 

However, this is not the only new year of the year! The Chinese new year fell on the 28th Jan and 2017 is the year of the Rooster! But did you know that a roosters best qualities include:

  • Honesty
  • Punctuality
  • Ambitious
  • Hardworking
  • Observant

So when the people at `Leesa got in touch and asked me how I was going to be more Rooster this year and what I can do to be a better, stronger badass than I already am (their words, not mine! 😍) I thought it was such a good idea, I had to write about it! 

I continued my tradition of setting goals for the year and then setting smaller ones that I will focus on one month at a time – I feel this is the best way for me to stay motivated to my goal and keeps me on track! 

This blog is obviously about a healthy lifestyle and I think for the first time in my head that doesn’t just mean food and fitness, it is also about learning and mindfulness. I want to become more educated about subjects I love and want to know everything I possibly can about. 

Along with educating myself I want to challenge myself, so I have decided to do something new each month, be that visit a new city or county or try some new food/ new workout or even try a new skill. I have started listening to lots of different podcasts on my commute which is helping in this! 

I have also decided to start writing a to do list for the week – and this is for both work and home! I tend to forget a lot of important things and then get annoyed at myself! So this should hopefully stop this. 

I am really excited for 2017 and I am going to be more badass than I already am! I am going to focus on what I want and I am going to achieve it. 

How are you going to be more Rooster? 


Dairy alternative

Dairy Alternative

When it comes to dairy products, I am actually a little fussy. I don’t like many cheeses – just a taste thing and Im not a big fan of cream. So when St Helens got in touch I was really excited to try out some alternative dairy products.

St Helens is a small farm that was founded in 1986, when they discovered that goats milk was a perfect alternative for people who cannot tolerate cows milk. The farm began by milking 500 goats and soon started supplying customers such as Waitrose and Hillards with, initially, a blend of sheep and goats’ milk yogurts. They now produce a range of milks, yogurts, cheeses, cream and ice cream. 

The lovely people there sent me a hamper full of their goats milk products to try. They sent me:

  • Whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed cartons of fresh goats milk
  • Natural and fat free yogurts
  • Flavoured yogurts
  • Goats butter
  • Mild goats cheese
  • Mature goats cheese
  • Spreadable goats cheese
  • A really cute TY beanie baby goat teddy
  • Two chine Goatee mugs

It was an amazing hamper and I really can’t wait to try it all. Watch this space as I will be writing up all the recipes I try with the products. 

Food Prepping like a pro!

When it comes to food, I am a massive looser. I think about my breakfast the night before, what I am going to have for lunch whilst I am eating my breakfast and then before lunch I am planning my tea! It is pretty much always on my mind!!!

I do find, if I plan my meals and snacks I am able to stay healthy and stick to healthy eating. I also love a big cooking session on a Sunday to make sure I don’t get swayed into a visit to the vending machine at work.

So I thought I would share with you my top tips for the perfect food prep to stick to your plan:

Plan it all

It might sound a little OSD, but trust me if you plan your breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks for every day – it makes it so much easier. I find that when I get in from work I am starving and could eat everything in sight, but if I know what Is on the menu I can focus on what I am cooking and not what I can eat there and then! 

Only buy the plan

When you do your food shop, only buy the food that you need to make the meals you have planned out. If you don’t have any naughties in the house, then you can’t eat them! Not only will this help you stick to healthy eating but it will also save you money! 

Make your own snacks

You may think you have found yourself a healthy snack, but you will surprise yourself with how much sugar or fat is in the snacks labelled “healthy” or “low fat” or even “no added sugar”.

Get prepared

Get as much of your food ready as you can. Get your snacks ready on Sunday evening so you don’t have to try and get things ready during the week. If you have rice or grains on the menu, get them cooked and packed up and in the fridge ready so meals are cooked quicker in the evenings. 

Make too much

When you are cooking your tea, make sure you cook enough for two instead of one, or four instead of two. This way you have already got your lunch ready for the next day. For this you need to make sure have plenty of Tupperware to store it away in the fridge and take it to work or school. I love my Joseph Joseph storage boxes for this – they have clever little dials on so you can track the date of which you made the food or when you need to eat it by.

**These storage boxes were gifted to me by Joseph Joseph, but the options and comments are my own.


JD Williams new sports range

JD Williams

Im not sure if this is just a me thing or maybe a female thing or maybe even a sporty type thing…But I am literally always looking for new kit. And trust me this can be just from new socks, to new trainers, to the full outfit! I think I might have a little problem. 

I love to buy patterned leggings and then stick to a plain top, that way I can mix and match until my heart is content (and looking at my kit draw this could be a pretty long time!!) 

One thing that really isn’t helping my problem is that you can buy really nice sports kit from so many places now! 

JD Williams is the perfect example of this! They have just moved into the sports and leisure market, and sell a range of products and brands including: Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Pineapple, Shock Absorber and loads more. 

With this order I stuck with my typical style of bold leggings and simple top and went with the spotty Nike full length leggings (8/10) and the Nike advance 15 cape (8/10) 

Although I ordered the smallest size available I think I could have done with smaller size, the leggings are very long on my little legs, but will be perfect for yoga and workouts that I do at home. The jacket is also a little on the big side, but I don’t think that is always a bad thing – Just helps me to get really snugly! 

**These items were gifted to me by JD Williams, but the options and comments are my own.