Gluten Free Life

Gluten Free Goodies

I have really been struggling with my tummy recently, I have been feeling very bloated and unsettled. And to be honest it has not been fun.

So I have decided to try to cut out diary and gluten from my diet.

Cutting dairy out is pretty easy for me, I am not a massive lover of cheese and I really enjoy rice milk. I do often cook a pasta with a creme fraiche sauce, but I discovered soya yogurt the other day so might try that as an alternative.

Now, gluten is going to be a huge challenge for me, I love pretty much everything that has gluten in! But I am going to try my hardest to cut it out of my diet for as long as I can. I really just want to see if it makes a difference, I have felt very bloated recently and it is so uncomfortable.

Gluten Free Goodies

I did go to Asda last night and treat my self to some Gluten free treats – I have to admin I couldn’t bring myself to buy the bread, it looked a lot like cardboard. But I did get some quiches, chicken bites, veggie sausages and some cous cous. Once I have tried them out I will let you know how I got one.


Mission Bikini Body

The girls and I have gone and booked a little holiday to Portugal!!! We are going for 4 days and 4 nights, and I cannot wait. I have never been away with the girls so really looking forward to it.

Not that I am counting down the days to be off work and relaxing in the sun, but there is only 43 days to go until we fly out.

Now that everything is booked, all I need to focus on is getting my beach body ready and buying most of ASOS!!

I dont really have a plan set out yet, but I know that I am going to avoid dairy from now until the holiday and get in as many runs, yoga sessions, ab challenge days and HIIT sessions as I can before then.

I know the girls want to get ready for the beach too, so they will be joining in and hopefully we will be able to pull each other along! We have already been for a walk over the Humber bridge (it was meant to be a run, but we got chatting!!)



Working out at home

I am a big believer, that you do not need every piece of gym equipment or a crazy £50 a month gym membership to stay healthy, active and feeling good about your body.

My key pieces of equipment are:

  • Yoga or exercise mat
  • Kettle bells
  • YouTube
  • Running trainers

If you want to stay active and healthy you really don’t need to spend all your money on it. Body weight workouts, runs and yoga are all completely free, but if you are anything like me you will be spending quite a lot of money on colourful leggings and multiple pairs of trainers!

Depending on what you a looking to achieve – toning up, weight loss or just staying active there are many different activities. You can even use your furniture to help you workout.

Wayfair have created an infographic to help make it really simple for you to get fit at home, without the need for any fitness equipment and you can even do some of it whilst doing house jobs.


Of Course

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about food and everything related to it. And I have always wanted to pursue a career which involved nutrition or sport in some way. Unfortunately life got in the way of that dream and I found myself working in digital marketing, don’t get me wrong – I do love my job right now.

Last year I decided to sign myself up for a qualification in nutrition. So far I have completed two modules; Weight management and nutrition and pre and post natal nutrition. I love learning new things and really enjoy being able to put it into practice.

Last week the third module started and I am now studying Nutrition for Sport and Exercise. I think this is the module I am most excited about. Although lesson one was really complicated and hurt my brain a lot, I am hoping to learn a lot and put it all into practise throughout my training.

I will keep you all up today with everything I learn!



New cook book

I have been waiting for Fearne Cotton to launch her cook book for a few weeks now. I follow her on Intsagram and think her food looks really good and is often dairy and gluten free, which i am trying to have more often now.

Cook Happy Cook Healthy

So as soon as her book was available, I went out and got it.

I am so glad I did, so far I have tried out two recipes – banana bread and the American pancakes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 21.58.31

Both have been pretty simple to make and have tasted really good. I am really looking forward to trying some more recipes and start to have more gluten free foods in my life.

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